Sugar Father Accomplishment. Mya Words. Cuban Connect – Sugar Daddy Task. Mya Words

Sugar Father Accomplishment. Mya Words. Cuban Connect – Sugar Daddy Task. Mya Words

Im’a be ya playa for life, Cuban Link, clk, yeah, Im’a be ya playa for life, its ordinary observe, it’s not possible to change myself, ’cause Im’a end up being ya playa forever, Yo it really is basic and view you can’t transform me.

Hey excuse-me mi, how do you do? Prolly accustomed this Yo mami chula ur the bomb and ur fuse was illuminated, me personally i am coola den the fonz ’cause i am easy and swiff do the pullup to ur prom from inside the brand new six

I’m old-school, I prefer the allure to entice the chicks You present me to ur mothers, since your potential future select Ur like bonita fruit on some unique crap Waiting for you, to put me on getting’cause I will not stop together with truth is you create a nigga drop their grip ’cause I just can’t resist the way you push those sides the manner in which you walk and talk to those gorgeous lips Got in nyc train of idea and consider you the crap A suitable match, you actually hold ur cutacles cut well-equipped, heavy weight boo, ur trully something special You a cutie with a notice, maybe not a groupie or trik wealthy and beauty, ’cause your shine without jewerly or chips

Papi. Just getting my personal glucose daddy, i would like chu’ to tip my industry Dry kies that tastes like chocolate, can I become ur sugar woman merely set some ice around my pinky band And travel myself across the world we owe it to papi are my personal glucose daddy.. And that I’ll end up being your sugar female

Mami you nice like licorish, deep and articulic infant you look tasty from ur base to ur fingertips Original and conspicuous, plus ur bodies ridiculous prepare myself want to eat my lips and lick your the place you ticklish visualize this, Lamborghini’s, Mansions, and yaht’s Trips to Tahiti, as opposed to looking at the block child I can end up being your geenie and grant you them stones Ice enhance observe, freeze those hands on ur glock We can grooving til’ we decrease, from inside the sands associated with the Trop love is indeed hot, u’ll find a bronze on the spot Edge the area, and hand you a knot have you say “aint no nigga like the one I obtained”